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News from the Chair Jan 2024

Your Management Committee met for the first time in 2024 and as usual we had a busy agenda to get through.

You will have seen my email regarding the proposed below waist Club colours, navy blue. This decision was as a result of a good deal of research by a sub-committee and subsequently a discussion by your management committee.

It has also been decided that the Wednesday pool nights will continue in their present format, turn up and play from 7 pm, and pool leagues will commence once the bowling season commences. There will be some rules as to when members can play, to avoid conflict with bowls matches, and it is hoped that this timing will attract more members to enjoy the occasional game with fellow members.

In the absence of a Club Captain this year, there will be some duties that need to be carried out, either during the year, or on specific match dates and I will be asking for members to support their Club by taking on some of these duties.

I am pleased to inform you that Tetbury Lions have made a donation towards our kitchen refurbishment and along with donations from members, the Feoffees and Chappies family we have purchased the fire shutter for the kitchen. This will be fitted over the coming weeks and we will then start raising funds towards a complete refit of the kitchen in autumn 2024.

The Men In Hats have completed the building of the balcony wall and it looks very good. We do need to paint the new wall and once we have warmer weather, won't that be welcome, I will write to let you know when we need support from those members who are handy with a paint brush.

At the time of writing, we have a jackpot pool of over £300 for the Friday night Bingo and this will be next played for this Friday evening, 19 January. We are fortunate to enjoy a variety of social events and food on Friday evenings and this of course supports the Club during the quieter winter months.

Keith Glassbrook

Chair, Tetbury Bowls Club

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