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Our Future

How it started

A group of interested members held informal discussions as to how the club might go forward and become more sustainable for the future. They put their ideas to the Management Committee, who agreed to initiate a Club Development Project. The club has drawn on the experiences of its members, both those new to the game of lawn bowls and those more knowledgeable, and on their skills learnt through life. 

This is very much a member-led team effort.

Upgrading the Facilities   

Focus on the People

Upgrade Facilities


Upgrading the Facilities

Our plans for during the 2024-25 off season

  • Work needs to be done in one corner of the paving nearer the clubroom due to subsidence

  • We have prepared plans to totally upgrade the kitchen with new appliances and extraction system. Fundraising is in effect with goal to complete this job by the 2025 season

  • We're committed to refurbishing the toilets and making better use of the entry way

TBC Remodel Elevation Plan.png


What we've accomplished so far

2018-19 ~ Plans were formalised and efforts were divided into two parts: Upgrade the Facilities while also improving accessibility and Focus on the People


2019-20 ~ Received planning permission and rebuilt the changing rooms

2020-21 ~ Levelled the floor between the clubhouse and changing rooms and created new access to the green

2021-22 ~ Extended the clubhouse to connect to the changing rooms, expanding interior space with new viewing window area and installing an accessible toilet. Members completed much of the building works with specialist trades employed for bricklaying, plastering and roofing.


The associated costs were met through a successful SpaceHive campaign, with the support of Cotswold District Council, Tetbury Town Council, and members of the public and from fund raising activities, interest free loans generously made by members, and club financial reserves.

2022-23 ~ Relaid paving at the hedge end of the green and removed one flower bed to allow for additional seating

2023-24 ~ Rebuilt and strengthened the wall along the viewing area. Relaid paving on the recreation ground side. Removed flower beds to allow for extra seating. Built a covered area for smokers. Installed a new fire shutter at the kitchen hatch.

Focus on the People

2.    Focus on the People 

Our Development Committee uses the Sport England Club Matters tools to review and analyse how the club operates, and help us complete a critical assessment of how we operate in the areas of:

Club People    |    Club Marketing    |    Club Finance    |    Club Management

Regularly monitoring members' experience

We regularly monitor our members' opinions through a survey to ensure the club is providing a positive lawn bowls experience and meeting the needs of its members. The Development and Management committees discuss the results to determine what additional steps or refinements are needed to move forward to fully meet our vision and mission. 

Increasing what's on offer

In 2021, the club successfully launched the Junior section. We provide coaching for short mat bowls at St Mary's Primary School as an after school programme and, during the playing season, we offer junior coaching on Sunday mornings.

As part of the work on our premises, we continually seek to improve accessibility so that those with mobility issues or other disabilities can play lawn bowls comfortably. 

The club is looking to build on the success of our taster sessions offered to the wider public. These have so far been enjoyed by U3A, the Wellbeing Club, and various smaller groups at a Group Open Day.

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