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How it started

A group of interested members held informal discussions as to how the club might go forward and become more sustainable for the future. They put their ideas to the Management Committee, who agreed to initiate a Club Development Project. The club has drawn on the experiences of its members, both those new to the game of lawn bowls and those more knowledgeable, and on their skills learnt through life. The outcome was the creation of an improvement plan for the next five years.

What’s involved

At the end of the 2018 season, plans were formalised, and management of the plan was divided into two parts:

  1. Upgrade the Facilities

  2. Focus on the People


1.    Upgrade the Facilities

The club felt that not only did the facilities need upgrading but that it was essential to improve accessibility. We employed a local architect who produced plans to include new changing rooms, an extended clubhouse, and a new toilet for disabled members and visitors. 

Planning permission was granted in August 2019 and we commenced work on phase 1, the rebuilding of the changing rooms. Members completed much of the building works with specialist trades employed for bricklaying, plastering and roofing. We completed the work in April 2020 but due to covid-19 we have not been able to make use of the new changing rooms yet. The associated costs were met by fund raising activities, interest free loans generously made by members, and club financial reserves.

Despite the pandemic lockdowns, we took advantage of any windows of opportunity to start work on phase 2, new access to the green and floor levelling between the clubhouse and changing rooms. Work started in September 2020 and was finally completed in April 2021, in time for the season opening.

We will proceed with phase 3 the above-ground building work needed to extend the clubhouse and phase 4 the actual extension work, when funds allow. We are exploring various ways to raise funds, including grant applications and corporate sponsorships.

TBC Remodel Elevation Plan.png
Phase 1 - Start
Phase 1 - Start

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Phase 1 - Foundations WIP 2
Phase 1 - Foundations WIP 2

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Phase 1 - Outside Almost Done
Phase 1 - Outside Almost Done

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Phase 1 - Start
Phase 1 - Start

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Slide deck of 16 images showing Phase 1 effort!


2.    Focus on the People 


A Development Committee was formed in March 2020 to progress this part of our future. The committee used the Sport England Club Matters tools to review and analyse how the club operates, and help us complete a critical assessment of how we operate in the areas of:

Club People    |    Club Marketing    |    Club Finance    |    Club Management

A club improvement plan was created based on the results of our analysis, and the various actions identified were prioritised. 

As of spring 2021, we have:

  • Adopted new mission and vision statements for the club [January 2021] that are currently being promoted to members and community partners.

  • Created job role descriptions for all officers of the Management Committee along with volunteer positions [February 2021]. These will be updated annually.

  • Taken steps to improve communication to members via our Facebook Group and to the public via our revamped website and Facebook Page

  • Issued a members’ survey [March 2021] to get their feedback on how they feel the club is doing. The results we received will inform the club's way forward and help refine our plans to be even more focused on the wants and needs of members.