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News from the Chair 13

As we approach Christmas and the year end I wanted to give you an update on a number of topics at the club.

The winter working parties really have made excellent progress and the latest big task has been the rebuilding of the balcony wall which at the time of writing is nearly finished. A sterling effort and special thanks to Greg Sharpe for his bricklaying skills.

Your Management Committee discussed at the last meeting how we could recognise the efforts made by the "Men In Hats" and it has been decided that the weekend before the Opening Gala next year we will hold a BBQ to explain to the membership the work undertaken during the winter and say thank you to the Men In Hats.

I also need to say a thank you to Steve White for taking on, and completing in splendid fashion, the decorating of the Bowls Club Christmas tree in St. Saviours. Please have a look at ours and the other trees on display if you can.

As we look towards 2024 a date for your diaries is the 26 April 2024 when we want to hold an auction of goods. It has been a few years since we held an auction and with an eye on the kitchen refurbishment now is a good time to plan for an auction. So, if you have anything that could be put towards this event please keep us in mind. Perhaps a duplicate or unwanted Christmas gift! Also we would like to approach local businesses to support us in this fund raising event.  

Thinking about Christmas gifts please don't forget to use, which benefits your club, if you can.  If you need details of how to do this, please contact Angela C, Susanne or Heather.

16 members have taken advantage of the new pool table on Wednesday nights, and Roger and I will be looking to start a league competition for interested parties next month.

A closing date for you to be aware of is the 15 December which is the last chance to add your name to the club's Christmas Card. For a donation of whatever you can afford, your name will be added to the club Christmas card that is sent electronically to other club members.

If I do not see you before, have a lovely Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Keith Glassbrook

Chair, Tetbury Bowls Club


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