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Tetbury Bowls Club has been a integral part of the community since it was founded in 1908. We look forward to welcoming new members who are interested in learning the sport of lawn bowls, those who have some experience, as well as those who just wish to enjoy the friendly and social elements of our club. 

Our Mission

To enable the residents of Tetbury and its neighbours to enjoy, participate and compete in the sport of lawn bowls.

Our Vision

To be a forward-thinking club, with ambition and drive to deliver an outstanding bowling experience for local people of all abilities thus establishing Tetbury Bowls Club as the first choice for those looking to enjoy the active and social aspects of lawn bowls.  Significantly to: 

  • Provide a range of opportunities for everyone to play lawn bowls 

  • Offer a warm, welcoming, and positive experience whether as spectators or players

  • Develop a sustainable club for the community that can deliver a diverse, inclusive, and rewarding membership


This is the way we want to be.

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Our Dedicated Members Are the Driving Force

Many of our members offer their time and expertise to ensure the club runs smoothly. A committee manages the affairs of the club according to its constitution, the Laws of the Sport of Bowls, and Bowls England rules and regulations.


Much of the work to establish the green and clubhouse has been carried out by members, who come from all walks of life with varied skills and experience. Although advice from professional firms is often sought to make sure we're doing things correctly, our members roll up their sleeves and step up to do the bulk of the work, building teamwork and camaraderie while keeping costs down.

We are extremely grateful to the volunteers for fulfilling the many different tasks that need to be done, so that residents of Tetbury and local parishes have an opportunity to enjoy the wonderful sport of lawn bowls.

Casual Bowler or Competitive?

A full programme of weekend matches, league matches, senior midweek games, and competitions within the club is run each year. In fact, something for everyone, depending on what each individual is looking for, from beginners to seasoned competitive bowlers. 

Honours have been achieved by men and ladies at county level and in national competitions.

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