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Skills Development

Players may like to use the 'purposeful practice skill' instructions below to improve their game. Each information sheet contains both a visual diagram and directions on how to set up to practice the different types of shot that may be encountered during a game. 

The coaches (see list below) are available to provide guidance if you need it; don't hesitate to ask!

Skills Practice v2.jpg

Our coaches as of January 2023 are:

Angela Cary - Level 2

Keith Glassbrook - Level 1

Heather Glassbrook - Level 1

Glyn Hall - Level 1

If you are interested in learning how to coach lawn bowls, speak to Angela or Keith. They will share their experience of gaining certification through Coach Bowls, the nationally recognised coaching qualification for the sport of bowls in England. And, you may want to read the club's Coach(es) role description which is available in this document.

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