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News from the Chair 10

Dear Members

As we rapidly approach the end of the playing season your management committee met a few days ago and have already started planning for the close season. The two big events after we finish bowling will be the Annual General Meeting, on Monday 30 October, followed a few weeks later by the Annual Dinner and Prize giving on Saturday 11 November. All the Club Competitions have been played for with most finals being played in unusually hot weather. Well done to all participants.

Chris Bridgeman has already started to put together events for our Fridays made up of Bingo and Quiz nights and supper food for those that want it.

More recently we had a successful day when we hosted Gloucestershire Ladies versus Hampshire Ladies. This is an excellent opportunity to showcase the Club and we also make it a financial success. Well done to all involved on the day. In particular Chris B, Vic B, Lisa, Kim, Garry, Vincent and Glyn.

Susanne has started on the outline for dates for the 2024 season and we will look to learn from this year's programme to keep the amount of games and interest levels high.

Don't forget that the closing Gala will be held on Sunday 24 September and you need to put your name on the sign up sheet to be included in the final game of the season.

Keith Glassbrook

Chair, Tetbury Bowls Club


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