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A quiet time in the offseason?

Updated: Dec 4, 2023

Crossword Puzzle

The end of the outdoor playing season and the beginning of the winter offseason can be a quiet time for most of our members. But, to bring us together, there are Friday night socials – and there is always something to be done at the club to maintain and improve the club’s facilities.

A call for volunteers to help with winter work parties went out from Keith, our chairperson, even before our closing gala and work started the day after! The first job on the (long) list was to lift and relay the paving slabs on the side of the green next to the recreation grounds. Many thanks to Greg, Glyn, Vic, Vincent, and Brian for their efforts, and to Chris B for providing sustenance to the crew. It looks nice and even!

Our Friday socials got off to a good start, with members helping to cater lovely meals and act as bingo callers and quiz masters (thank you to all our recent volunteers). If you’re interested in joining us on a Friday night, email us at to find out what’s on at the club and become a social member.

At the centre of all the activities during the 2022-23 season were the members who served as management committee officers. Our AGM takes place the last Monday of October, with nominees being proposed in the weeks leading up to the meeting. The new committee will meet for the first time in November to review the past year and what we’ve achieved in terms of our 5-year strategy and start planning for 2024.

As you can see, our members are at the heart of the club, helping where and when they can to ensure the club operates sustainably and offers the community a welcoming lawn bowls experience. A huge thank you goes to those who were generous with their time and effort during the past year to make sure we had a great 2023 season!

On another note: While lawn bowls might appear to be a simple game to play, delivering a bowl cleanly and well takes practice. Strategizing about tactics and placement of shots requires experience. Terms and phrases used in everyday life take on new meaning when you’re out on the green. You’re encouraged to give the ‘language of bowls’ crossword a go! The solution is attached below.

Susanne Knaus Tetbury Bowls Club



[2] Sometimes it's good to end up there, sometimes not

[1] One trip up the green

[7] Why doesn't it roll straight?

[3] Your prize is chalk

[9] Part of the green or a team of four

[4] Grouping to win

[10] Whether to bowl light or heavy?

[5] Call me pinball wizard

[13] Nudge that bowl forward

[5] Call me pinball wizard

[14] Bowl gently gently

[6] It's flat in Tetbury

[15] The closest to the ditch could be a winner (2 words)

[8] The shot with some wellie!

[16] Starts to build the head as first bowler

[11] It's the winner (2 words)

[17] Not anymore; they're composites

[12] You're aiming for it!

[19] Jack by another name

[14] Out of bounds (2 words)

[18] Guides the team and last to bowl

2023 11 Crossword
Download PDF • 13KB


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