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New Year = new sponsor + new resolution + new places

Amelia and TH White sponsorship board
Amelia and TH White sponsorship

Firstly, we’d like to thank our new sponsor, TH White, who are generously supporting our junior section over the next couple of years. Pictured with the TH White sign is Amelia Anderson who so enjoyed her experience in our short mat introduction at St Mary’s Primary School that she went on to attend our juniors’ coaching sessions throughout the summer and competed for the Junior Shield. We’re delighted that our afterschool sessions continue to excite the students. The 5-week programme covers just the basics but offers a different non-strenuous sport to try. The current session ends mid-February, but the school will notify parents when they can sign their students up for the next session (probably starting on the 27th of February). All students are invited to join our Sunday morning juniors when we open the green in April.

Is ‘try a new sport’ on your New Year’s resolution list? If so, we’re planning several ‘open’ days in April/May, where anyone can come along and try out lawn bowls. Give us a call on 07414 274375 if you’re interested or watch here for more information over the next couple of months. As a novice and after your four free coaching sessions, you’ll be encouraged to play in any or all of the relaxed and friendly midweek or weekend games that we’ve got lined up. In fact, our outdoor season is shaping up quite nicely, and includes both men’s and women's league games, county competitions, and various club social events. Membership is open year-round; you can find more information on our website at

Playing at different clubs is one of highlights of lawn bowls. These might be new places … or not. From Tewkesbury to Clevedon Promenade, Westlecot Swindon to Chepstow, visiting places we wouldn’t necessarily think about going if not for bowls. And that doesn’t include trips to Potters at Hopton-on-Sea for the World Indoor Championships that were played in January (yes, some of us did go) and Leamington Spa in August for the National Finals (dreams of getting there through play, but usually watching as a spectator).

Lastly, an update on Bowler, our Guide Dog puppy. He’s off to new places too. For those who might not know, we held a 24-hour non-stop bowls marathon in September 2018 in aid of Guide Dogs for the Blind. We’ve sponsored Bowler ever since. After passing all his puppy tests, Bowler has continued his training at Guide Dogs Cymru in Cardiff. If he graduates in March, he’ll be matched with his special owner. After meeting him in May, we’re thrilled he’s gotten so far in his ‘education’.

Susanne Knaus

Tetbury Bowls


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