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It’s almost here!

With the start of our outdoor season just a few days away, we can’t wait to share the fun and passion that comes from playing lawn bowls. But we must warn newcomers, it’s the unexpected benefits and pleasure from this wonderful sport that will catch you by surprise. 

Unlike some sports, you don’t need to be super fit, you just need to be able to roll a ball in a vaguely straight line. It’s a motivating ‘get up and get out there’ activity; a sport that you can play for decades – from juniors to 90+! And lawn bowls is making huge strides in the world of adaptive sports.

Who knew that bending down to roll a ball could be considered exercise? But it is! Lawn bowls is a sneaky workout for your core, arms, and legs. It’s stealthy yet with a competitive edge. Lost a bit of your mobility? Not to worry, there are bowling aids available. Eyesight not what it once was? With a bit of string and a helper as guides, your bowl will find its way to the jack. You’ll be so focused on delivering the bowl, chatting to your teammates and opponents, and moving up and down the rink that you won’t even realise you’re exercising.

And for mental sharpness, this sport has players strategizing like chess grandmasters, except the pieces are round and you’re trying to gather them around the jack. Every roll, every green you play on are a challenge as you try to outsmart your opponent. If you’re competitive, it’s decisions, decisions, decisions. Where to place the mat? Short or long jack? Which shot to play? But for the casual bowler, the green (and hopefully the sun and breeze) offers an oasis of calm.

Of course, you’ll also meet lots of new people, whether you’re playing in a team, soaking up the atmosphere as a spectator, or enjoying the occasional members’ BBQ! There’s always chatter, laughter, the occasional ‘good bowl’ compliment, and of course ‘expert’ advice floating around. You’ll make more friends than expected … and maybe encounter a nemesis or two to add a touch of zest.

Lawn bowls doesn’t discriminate – it’s a sport for all ages and abilities and there’s a place for you on the green. So, get out your calendars; everyone is invited to join us for our free taster events on the 27th and 28th of April. Check out the half page ad or visit our website for more information.

Susanne Knaus

Tetbury Bowls Club

Our 2024 ad for open tasters 27 and 28 April


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